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Ensuring the organization’s integrity with the highest security standard possible



Because we are aware that large organization face variety of threats, therefore we design logically based on evaluation of the area. For comprehensive care with organizations of all sectors, weather is it industry, government agencies, organization buildings to various educational institutions.

Custom Integrated Plan

Variety of business contains different prime concerns, therefore we meet customer needs by designing security systems in all forms to enhance the confidence in an organization.

In large organizations, it is necessary to have 24/7 security team in charge of valuable asset and personal life safety, prepared to handle various situation promptly and immediately.

We pay attention to every details, from equipment maintenance to after-sales service as if we are business partners who is particularly responsible for your safety.

• We design safety structures and provide special advice from experts.

• GMC 24 hours operation to observe any irregularities or in case of robbery and break-ins.

• Monitoring from innovative CCTV can be used to develop the organization as well as exploit crimes.

• Detects danger such as fire from various security sensors installed in the area.

• Increase safety efficiency with access control system.

• Carefully observes the organization’s operating system throughout the usage period.


  • Surveillance - High-resolution surveillance camera system from AVIGILON, a global leader in security solutions
  • Physical Security Guard
  • GUTS Monitoring Center ⎯ a 24-hour security surveillance, incident report, communication, analysis, and resolution center
  • Emergency Dispatching ⎯ requesting assistance from civil services to the area of incident
  • Evacuation ⎯ Plans and procedure regarding evacuating civilians out of the danger zones

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