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To make you feel safe and comfortable with your loved ones, with a security system designed to facilitate all forms of housing, ranging from homes, apartments, to condominiums.

Through an application that monitors your home 24 hours a day to ensure that you are truly private and safe under our security system with no doubt.

Peace of mind is a fundamental family needs, which is why we create an applicate for you to watch every movement in your household anywhere you are with just a touch on your portable device.

The ordinary life in the past might not be a solution for the future, but with our security technology and its functionalities which can secure you and your loved ones with just an effortless touch on your screen.

• Securing your house with CCTV and security sensors at various points, to reassure you and your family members.

• Intelligent technology system to establish comfortable living.

• Guts Monitoring Centre guarding 24/7 while you’re away and ready to report incident immediately.

• Monitoring equipment to safeguard children and elders.


  • Surveillance - High-resolution surveillance camera system from AVIGILON, a global leader in security solutions
  • Physical Security Guard
  • GUTS Monitoring Center ⎯ a 24-hour security surveillance, incident report, communication, analysis, and resolution center
  • Emergency Dispatching ⎯ requesting assistance from civil services to the area of incident
  • Evacuation ⎯ Plans and procedure regarding evacuating civilians out of the danger zones

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