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Building a premium security system for retailers that effectively minimize losses from both internal and external factors.



Due to variety of business including shops, restaurants, trade shows or even retail shops’ expectations vary. We Enhance your business potential through security system by designing to match your organization purpose.

Demand for security protection come with investment capital which is how we can calculate and plan security system to meet and cover the needs of your potential business.

Supervision of the business owner is important. Because they want to monitor and control the situation by themselves as a result, the need to have a system that can access the operations of the business more easily.

Security equipment can benefit organization by helping to access business situation at all times, therefore our security system can provide beneficial information to users, which is another way to facilitate business and reduce marketing costs.

• Security system that is suitable and comprehends your business with accessible budget and maximize benefits.

• Allows you to monitor and control business operations closely through private security system applications.

• Strengthen the entry-exit system of the employees systematically.

• Heat-map helps to plan sales and product assortments by observing and collecting customer movements data to improve sale plan and product positioning.


  • Surveillance - High-resolution surveillance camera system from AVIGILON, a global leader in security solutions
  • Physical Security Guard
  • GUTS Monitoring Center ⎯ a 24-hour security surveillance, incident report, communication, analysis, and resolution center
  • Emergency Dispatching ⎯ requesting assistance from civil services to the area of incident
  • Evacuation ⎯ Plans and procedure regarding evacuating civilians out of the danger zones

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